Emil Smith

Web/UI Designer & Front End Developer

With 7+ years of experience working at fast-paced digital agencies in London, my skills include both design and front end development, and I have extensive experience with all the industry standard design tools, as well as up-to-date front end development technologies.

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Curriculum Vitae


BPL Marketing

Web/UI Designer & Front End Developer (mid-senior level)
July 2015 - Present
  • Helped to build the company's first in-house digital, web-focused department
  • Designed, built and maintained both small and large web projects
  • Specialised in UI/UX; wireframing, prototyping, designing user flows and visuals
  • Saw design through to deployment alongside back end developers on a range of platforms
  • Established DevOps such as version control, deployment, tech stack and more


Digital Designer (mid level)
June 2013 - July 2015
  • Worked as a member of a very small, fast paced team
  • Produced web designs and full builds
  • Shopify eCommerce using Liquid as an official Shopify partner
  • Played a key role in establishing company coding standards and best practices such as naming conventions, code structure and operational practices


Digital Designer (junior level)
July 2012 - July 2013
  • Designed mobile display advertising and rich media experiences for global campaigns
  • Experimented with concepts such as augmented reality
  • Developed efficient solutions to streamline internal processes and looking for ways to improve our creative offering with custom code.
  • Introduced new capabilities to the company by creating responsive designs, custom mobile websites/landing pages and HTML5 animated banners.
  • Renovated existing processes with more efficient methods by using scripts to automate tasks which previously took hundreds of work hours to complete


University of the Arts, London

Digital Media Design BA (Hons)
2009 - 2012


Design tools

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Experience Design (XD)
Adobe After Effects

Development tools


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I've had the privilege to work with some amazing clients, both big and small.


Coravin is a US based start up, offering an innovative product which enables people to pour wine from the bottle without removing the cork, using a specialised needle to pierce the cork and replace the lost volume of wine with compressed argon gas.

After designing a number of campaign materials for Coravin, they enlisted BPL to design and build a number of international brochure websites to showcase their products in markets in which they don’t operate an eCommerce business. I designed the entire brochure site in way that I feel showcases the product, putting it front and centre, enhanced with imagery and interactivity.

The site is based on a Wordpress back end, and uses npm to build front end assets.

Three & Tinder

My most recent project for Three, undertaken as part of my role at BPL Marketing, involved a collaboration with Tinder, where phones are juxtaposed into historical events, to show how they might have turned out.

I designed and built a dual-branded promotional microsite, emulating Tinder's functionality. The user plays as King Henry, swiping left or right on his six wives to determine which ones survived, or which were beheaded or divorced.

The project was wireframed in Figma, designed in Photoshop and built alongside a Back End Developer, using Laravel and Vue.js.

Conversion metrics were extremely positive - 76% of users engaged with the Tinder game, and 54% of users converted via a competition entry form at the end.

Peng Dominion

Peng Dominion is a labour of love; a vessel through which to release my music, to free myself from the limitations of record labels.

The branding is intended to be contemporary yet playful, and almost childlike. I wanted to communicate a sense of authenticity, in contrast to what I perceived elsewhere in electronic music; a veil of professionalism and sleek design which seems anonymous and ingenuous. This is my response to that style, in that it is unashamedly genuine, and very personal.

I draw the artwork myself, through which I've found a way to reconnect with my artistic past as a graffiti writer, before outlining in Illustrator and finishing in Photoshop.

I also master all the releases myself. This entails using specialised processing techniques, and a keen ear, to give the music a final balance and sheen, and ensuring professional quality, loudness and compatibility for distribution.

I work with a PR company called Cygnus Music to send releases out for pre-release promotion to A-list drum & bass DJs, press, radio, blogs and print, before releasing in all digital stores.

Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion is a long-standing client at BPL Marketing. After inheriting the website from their previous, outsourced development team, I took on the task of refactoring the entire front end of the site. As part of this, I made large contributions to the Royal British Legion’s digital brand guidelines and designed and built a UI kit for their current and future web projects; the RBL Boilerplate. The Boilerplate consists of all necessary UI elements for the website, and was built and maintained in isolation from the main website, so it can serve as a dependency for the main site, as well as other satellite projects.

The RBL Boilerplate is designed to offer ease of use, with clear call to actions and a modular, readable layout. The design utilises high contrast ratios to ensure accessibility.

Aside from the RBL Boilerplate, I've been responsible for all design and front end development work on the main RBL website for 3.5 years, including annual campaigns, microsites and complex user interfaces for new functionality.

RBL Events

BPL Marketing was briefed by the Royal British Legion to produce a new events section within the main website. The brief prioritised mobile compatibility, and detailed filtering options, to enable users to find events within certain distances or time frames relative to them. My role in this project involved interpreting the initial brief to create a job spec.

I suggested we use Google Maps as a visual representation of users' filter and search settings, in addition to a list of results, so as to create a more engaging user experience with clear visual cues. The UI is also designed using a mobile first philosophy, to respond seamlessly to different devices.

The project uses the websites existing Umbraco/ASP.NET back end with a custom API to return search results, alongside js for the map and interactive elements.

I designed the UX/UI and fully prototyped the project in Adobe XD.


Sypro is a software company, specialising in B2B software solutions for project, contract, compliance and asset management. During my role at BPL Marketing, they asked us to design a website for one of their new products; Total Risk Manager. They were so happy with the design, they asked us to redesign their main website to maintain the look and feel. We went one better and integrated all of their product websites with their main website, with a consistent brand image and a cutting-edge aesthetic.

The website was wireframed, prototyped and designed using Adobe XD. The build was based on a Wordpress back-end, with a modular SCSS, npm and gulp front end system.

Everyone Remembered

Everyone Remembered is a campaign undertaken by the Royal British Legion with the goal of commemorating each and every soldier who died in WW1, through user generated commemorations. Based on a database of 1,060,174 soldiers, users were able to search through names, regiments and locations to find lost relatives or discover those who may have been forgotten, and “remember” them, by way of placing a poppy on an interactive map, leaving a short commemoration and even uploading photographs.

I designed the full site and integrated the RBL Boilerplate. I also worked on refining the UX of the site through testing and reworking various user flows to drive commemorations. This included the addition of features such as 'bulk commemorations', giving users a simple way to commemorate a solder's comrades once they have finished commemorating that soldier. This proved extremely effective in driving conversions by repeatedly outbounding users form the commemoration process into an optional bulk commemoration instead of an inert 'thank you' page. As of October 2018, all soldiers have been remembered!

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