Peng Dominion

Peng Dominion was a labour of love; a vessel through which to release my music, to free myself from the limitations of record labels, and to do the same for some of my talented friends.

The branding was intended to be contemporary yet playful, and almost childlike. I wanted to communicate a sense of authenticity, in contrast to what I perceived elsewhere in electronic music; a veil of professionalism and sleek design which seems anonymous and ingenuous. This is my response to that style, in that it is unashamedly genuine, and very personal.

I drew the artwork myself, through which I found a way to reconnect with my artistic past as a graffiti writer, before outlining in Illustrator and finishing in Photoshop. I also mastered all the releases myself. This entails using specialised processing techniques, and a keen ear, to give the music a final balance and sheen, and ensuring professional quality, loudness, and compatibility for distribution.

I work with a PR company called Cygnus Music to send releases out for pre-release promotion to A-list drum & bass DJs, press, radio, blogs and print, before releasing in all digital stores, and consistently received an overwhelmingly positive response, with support in clubs and radio from top-tier DJs.

As I write this, Peng Dominion is currently on a hiatus, as I've taken some time away from the music game to re-work my creative process, but I plan on revisiting and revamping the label in future.