The Royal British Legion: Every One Remembered

Everyone Remembered is a campaign undertaken by the Royal British Legion,user-generated with the goal of commemorating each and every soldier who died in WW1, through user-generated commemorations. Based on a database of 1,060,174 soldiers, users were able to search through names, regiments and locations to find lost relatives or discover those who may have been forgotten, and “remember” them, by way of placing a poppy on an interactive map, leaving a short commemoration and even uploading photographs. 

I designed the site in collaboration with an external agency and integrated the RBL Boilerplate. I also worked on refining the UX of the site through testing and reworking various user flows to drive commemorations. This included the addition of features such as 'bulk commemorations', giving users a simple way to commemorate a soldier's comrades once they have finished commemorating that soldier. This proved extremely effective in driving conversions by repeatedly out-bounding users from the commemoration process into an optional bulk commemoration. As of October 2018, all soldiers have been remembered!