The Royal British Legion: Front End Boilerplate

The Royal British Legion was a long-standing client at BPL Marketing. Initially, BPL were contracted for the Legion’s marketing materials, campaigns and display advertising. As part of the formation of BPL Web; our in-house web design and development service, we inherited the Royal British Legion website from their previous, outsourced development team, and were tasked with handling ongoing design, development and maintenance efforts. I took on the task of refactoring the entire front end of the site. As part of this, I made large contributions to the Royal British Legion’s digital brand guidelines and designed and built a UI kit for their current and future web projects; the RBL Boilerplate. The Boilerplate consists of all necessary UI elements for the website, and was built and maintained in isolation from the main website, so it can serve as a dependency for the main site, as well as other satellite projects. We were able to offer the boilerplate as a package for other suppliers to use within projects not associated with BPL, whilst maintaining control of the components within it.

The RBL Boilerplate was designed to offer ease of use, with clear call to actions and a modular, readable layout. The design utilised high contrast ratios to ensure accessibility, and a modular codebase to ensure flexibility and scalability.

Aside from the RBL Boilerplate, I was responsible for all design and front end development work on the Royal British Legion website for 3.5 years, including annual campaigns, microsites and complex user interfaces for new functionality.