Three & Tinder: Phones Are Good

Three & Tinder: Phones Are Good


During my role at BPL Marketing, we were approached by long-time client Three to produce a promotional landing page for their collaborative campaign with Tinder. The cmapaignwas titles "Phones Are Good" and the concept was based on juxtaposing smartphones with historical events, to explore comedic ways in which they might have turned out for the better. In this case, Three and Tinder had built a campaign around King Henry VIII using Tinder to find his wives. We were briefed to build an interactive, promotional landing page for their digital marketing campaign, funneling users to a competition entry form where they could enter for the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S9.


We set about conducting brainstorming sessions with the wider creative team, and settled on the concept of "The Swipe is Right"; a play on words from the old game show The Price is Right and of course Tinder's swipe feature.

Our solution was an interactive mini-game in which users would operate a Henry-VIII-themed version of the Tinder app, swiping through pictures of his six wives. Players would need to guess which of his wives survived, or were beheaded or divorced, by swiping in the correct direction for each to reach the end of the game and access the competition entry page.

Using both Three and Tinder's existing brand guidelines and campaign assets, I created the logo for The Swipe is Right, as well as wireframes, hi-fi designs, and prototypes in Figma, to test with stakeholders before commencing development. During this time we also firmed up the specifications for the functionality, such as allowing users who made incorrect choices to restart the game as many times as they wanted, to encourage conversions. Other members of the creative team worked on copywriting and other messaging, as well as the ad campaign to drive traffic to the landing page.

Once we had the design nailed down, we decided to use Vue.js for the front end of the page, as it would afford a high level of interactivity and was very unopinionated compared to other JS frameworks available at the time. I built the front end, alongside a back-end developer working in Laravel to handle the data, API, and security.


Overall this project was a great success. The landing page received millions of visitors and our conversion metrics were extremely positive: 76% of page visitors engaged with the Tinder game, and 54% of users converted by entering the competition via the form at the end of the game.