Creative Tech Lead

Emil Smith

What I Do

I am a Creative Tech Lead, with more than 10 years' experience. I have worked on everything from creative agency work (design and front-end dev for high profile websites, ad campaigns and more) to design systems, user research, and Javascript PWA builds for digital products. I have a passion for human-centred design, clean and scalable code, and the implementation of both to solve complex problems in holistic ways.

I've worked for some amazing brands, including Google, Sony, eBay, Virgin, Nokia, Three, Tinder, Expedia, and many more.

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Emil Smith

My Skills

My skill-set is built around digital design, engineering, and product management. I’m as comfortable specifying a product roadmap with clear goals and dependencies as I am building javascript web-apps, managing design systems, or conducting user research projects.
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Emil Smith

Just for Fun

Outside of work, I am a passionate electronic music producer, maker, and father. Over the years, I’ve had several releases on well-known drum & bass labels, such as the seminal imprint Renegade Hardware, as well as my own label. I have more recently completed building a custom, battery-powered music production studio in a box, and am now turning my attention to digital signal processing and embedded audio systems, with the goal of designing and building DIY electronic instruments.
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